Burnout vet assistant...venting

Unfortunately Im feeling the effects of burnout at my current job. Im a vet "assistant". I have been working at my current clinic for a little over a year now and regret going full time. I thought I needed the money but it isnt enough nor worth all the bullshit.

My clinic is toxic. Most of the staff have bad attitudes or leave passive aggressive sticky notes. No one ever talks anything out, they would rather talk smack behind someones back.

I was initially hired to "restrain" and assist techs/vets while being promised that I would eventually have a tech position myself. That never happened, of course, and never will. My clinic has only 3 techs and apparently thats enough for the owner (whom is NEVER around). 1 tech went down to working 2 days a week and another plans on quitting very soon.

My hands hurt now from being the only one holding off veins, scruffing cats, restraining in general while techs/vets take bloods, etc. If a pet is fractious (attacking), the vet will just kick me out of the room instead of showing me proper procedure. I get they dont want anyone getting hurt but the refusal to teach me what to do doesnt help either. The vets at my clinic are nice but stubborn/old fashioned.

Im bummed. I enjoy working with animals but this job just ruined my outlook on the next step I was planning in my career...to be a tech. Just feeling really exhausted/confused right now.

Thanks for listening to me vent