Owlet question!

Alli • Grace 10-8-18 ❤️❤️

So my daughter was in the nicu and came home on oxygen. She is officially off oxygen and the monitor as of today!! But just to be on the safe side, we bought the owlet. When she had the pulse oximetry probe from the hospital, they said to switch which foot it’s on every few hours or every diaper change. They said to do that as there is the little red light and if left too long it can cause minor burns. The nurse said it would take like 12 hours for that to happen but still. So we’ve been switching it. The owlet has a red light as well, so would we need to switch feet? She sleeps long stretches at night sometimes (last night 7 hrs!)

Also, how do they fit with footie pajamas? We weren’t able to put her in any of the zip of sleepers because of the cord and it was too difficult to put her foot in with the thing on so we would leave her foot out and do up the rest of the snaps. So I’m worried it won’t fit in the pajamas