You can do it, momma.

Alyssa • Momma to Kegan Ray 💙👶🏻 Wedding Date 05/07/19. Gamer/Reader/Teacher

I’m ready to tell my birth story. On Monday 10/15/18’ I went in to be induced, everything was going well, but three rounds of cytotec later my cervix had only dilated to three centimeters. I spent all night waiting on effacement and dilation, and at 9:00am they inserted a Foley bulb to help dilate me, and let me say that was the worst part, the bulb sits on your cervix and is filled with saline, it felt like I had to push immediately ! Of course they immediately started the epidural afterwards because the contractions amped up. Let me just reassure any moms, especially plus size moms, that the pain of the epidural is basically non existent. The worst part is the numbing lidocaine they use before inserting the epidural. Honest! You can have a successful epidural even at 300+ like me. Unfortunately for me however my labor did not progress past 5cm after 24 hours of labor and my water being broken, my doctor decided to take me back for a c section. Ladies, when I tell you I have never been more scared in my life, especially being a big girl, I pleaded with my doctor that no matter what to not let me die on the table, I was so scared. It just so happened that I also had an ovarian cyst that also needed removed. The original plan was to remove it after the birth but since I was already under the knife they took it out while there and it was non malignant. So after 24 hours of labor, and about 20 minutes into my c section Kegan Ray was born at 6:51 pm on 10/16 weighing 7 pounds and 7 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. Even though I was really scared of the surgery and the epidural, everything went great and I am so blessed to have my little baby boy home with us now.