I’m so scared to test

My AF I’d 8 days late and y’all I’m so freaking scared to test. I have had irregular cycles a while ago but this one seems different. My cycles have changed in August.. I had one in the beginning of August then another in the middle. In September I had one in the middle of the month like I knew I would. Now here’s October and there’s NOTHING!! On 10/22/18 while at work I got a real bad headache. Figured it was probably a hungry headache so I ordered food and I was fine for about 2 hours, the headache progressed. So I took some Aleve and 3 minutes after taking it, I threw up. No chunks of food but more so liquid. I ate Garlic bread so it was more so liquid garlic coming up, and every time I moved too fast or suddenly it came up. I went home and laid down for about 2 hours straight and it was like nothing happened. Then on 10/24/18 my son used his potty (he potty training) and he was walking up to me with the potty seat to dump it and he dropped it 🤮🤮 and the moment I had to clean it I started throwing up again and I’ve cleaned his messes before or just wiping him after he potty but that was kind of new to me. But I will tell you I am scared to test because of being disappointed in the past. Sorry for the long rant 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️