Hopefully a good sign?!

Miranda • Momma to a 5 year old little boy! TTC #2! Jacob’s wife. Caleb’s Momma.

I’m 9DPO and still getting BFN. I *feel pregnant* though.

I’ve had insanely sore/heavy/full boobs if that makes sense—like I’ve been wearing a Sherpa over a T-shirt so I don’t have to wear a bra 😂

I’ve had cramping,fatigue mood swings (I’m even on an anti depressant and still getting these crazy mood swing!)

The past couple of days my son (he’s 5) said “Momma you got a baby seed in your tummy yet? I think you do!” Then he pet my tummy and said I’m big brother Caleb!

Well,Benji (my French Bull Dog) has been obsessed with laying his head on my stomach lately! He usually sleeps in Caleb’s room on nights my husband is home (husband works nights) If he sleeps with me he will literally sleep curled into my back 😂

Anyway,I’m enjoying some quiet time before Caleb come back (He stayed with my sister and his cousins last night!) and Benjo has been laying on my stomach alllll morning (which he never does!)

Picture for cuteness!