C section Monday!

Momto2boys • Tried for 3 years and finally we got our BFP after our first FET on 10/08! Don't give up hope. Life is good💕

My originally due date was November 17th with a planned c section for November 10th. Well a week ago I was diagnosed with hypertension and now we are planning this Monday for our c section! I’ll be 37 weeks and 2 days. Even with being on blood pressure medication I’m still at 189/90. I’ve had constant headaches and feeling sick for almost 2 weeks so I’m more than ready. I went in yesterday for a lab pre op and got a call last night that one lab came back positives with antibodies (Anti E)... they tested me earlier on in my pregnancy and it was negative so I’m confused why it’s positive now. Anyone else have this happen??