Long but read anyway!


OK... I honestly want you all to read this to tell me if I’m wrong for feeling some type of way about this.... okay... we’re living in my husbands parents basement, along with his mental step sister, while our home is being build! Very testing indeed!! So.. me, him, and our son share a room, playroom/living area. Pretty small, so naturally our things don’t fit well. And there tends to be a clutter. . Well when I come home last night the basement was “clean”. His parents come down here and has his sister clean OUR THINGS. And she went around and shoved everything into bags...... I’m annoyed that if they wanted it to appear a certain way down here (literally no one comes down here) that they would tell me or my husband instead of sending his sister to clean?? I feel so uncomfortable now. I’m trying to raise a two year old in someone else’s domain- and it is hell.