My first time having morning sex

Sandy • I’m pretty cool but still figuring out this girl stuff even at 18 😅

I lost my virginity to this guy about a week ago and we had sex last night right....which lead to morning sex...3 hours ago lol. So, the sex is great and we’re both really into it right and then he takes it out and I notice that im extremely wetter than usually and i look at his condom and its a little red and im like um.....hold on. So i sit up a little bit and there is blood ALL OVER HIS SHEETS. I tell him to get out of the bed and he’s like “Wooooah, waaaaaait whats going on” and i snatch his sheets off and start rinsing the blood out in the sink and hes like “did you start your period?” And im like “yeah im really sorry...wash your sheets in cold water later today” and im like frantic because im really thinking that he’s about to embarrass the absolute hell out of me but he hugs me while im still rising out the blood and turns me around and kisses my forehead and says “hey its okay calm down” and honestly....I’m glad i lost my virginity to him and not anyone else 😅

(No it wasn’t my hymen and if one more person comments “he popped your cherry” im going to scream...yes i know that it happens and j know that bleeding is common but there was too much blood)