Very late period - on Pill but messed up


Hi everyone! My period is 9 days late and I’m getting anxious. Here is what happened: I am on the pill and messed up by missing two days in a row (Thursday, Friday), and not realizing until I went to take Saturdays - this was the first week of the pill pack. I doubled up both days as recommended by the pill company, and waited just over week before sex, he used a condom AND still pulled out, just in case(I’m paranoid, I know). I was also not ovulating according to my cycle calendar. Weeks later, Somehow, I messed up the pill again and became a day behind, I did not notice until Saturday of the last pill before my sugar pill week. I doubled up then discarded the pack. My period did not come that next week as scheduled. I usually get it on a Thursday, it didn’t come. I started my next pack of Pills on Sunday as normal - which likely means my period isn’t coming if I’m back on my pills? We are incredibly careful (pill, condom, pull out together), but my anxiety is getting to me. Could I be pregnant?