Anyone used soft cups to TTC baby #2 or more? Gross question lol



So has anyone used soft cups during TTC after having previously given birth? I know that diva cups have multiple sizes based on age and if you have given birth...

We used soft cups this cycle for the first time (ttc #2 for 2 years) and while the soft cup mostly stayed in place, I did feel it move throughout the day and I felt like some of the sperm/cm leaked out. We inseminated with a syringe and then put in the soft cup, so that could have contributed. But I definitely had to adjust the cup a few times (wore it for 10 hours after insemination).

Would a diva cup sized for someone who has given birth work better and stay in place more, or is this normal for a menstrual cup? I was thinking maybe the fit was off, but the soft cup looks way bigger than the diva cup to me