I know this isn't pregnancy related, but I was wondering if anyone else's kids had ADHD and how do you punish them? My boyfriends oldest is 10 with ADHD and he acts like he's 5. I know most of it is because his grandma babied tf outta him and acts like he can't do ANYTHING for himself. Lately we've been trying to teach him to be independent and he doesn't like it very much. All he wants to do is sit in his room on the Xbox and we took the YouTube and games away cuz that's all he wanted and my boyfriend lets him just watch Netflix. But to me that's not solving anything cuz he's still in his room sitting there all day! He's over weight for his age and he gets pissed off over everything if he doesn't get his way, and I been home alone with them a lot while my boyfriends at work and he told his mom that I'm mean. It's cuz he isn't hard to being punished. Idk what to do anymore! All this stress and aggravation isn't good for me or the baby, I've been stressed pretty much this whole pregnancy. And my boyfriends mom (their grandma) came over  b**** ing at me the other day cuz we're thinking about having his oldest walk to school this year cuz it's literally 5 mins down the road, and putting his other on the bus since I'll have a newborn and my daughter who's 2. She said I don't accept them as my own and that he's NOT walking. She thinks he can't do anything! That we have to continue to baby him. He needs to learn to be independent! And she's worried about him getting bullied in school. There's gonna be bullying at ANY school! And she can't stop it. She's gonna be the reason he gets bullied! Ugh I'm just so annoyed and stressed out. Idk what to do anymore.