I am 4 weeks pregnant what I was told today when I went to get my proof of pregnancy, well 2 days ago I started spotting yesterday it went away well today it came back (I have had a miscarriage before) so I got a little freaked and went to the doctor they did an ultrasound he seen was the lining where the baby should be.... He also took my HCG levels and told me they were at 120 which is anywhere from 0-3 weeks pregnant in that case it's way to early to see anything on an ultrasound! I have to go back in 2 days to check my levels to make sure they are going up! So just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like that & your baby was ok! Oh & not sure if this matters but this is the time I'm supposed to be on my period and I'm spotting on and off! Any input would be appreciated... Thanks😊