I am obsessed with Ttc my second. I'm 23. And I don't understand how I cut out caffeine watch what I eat, I don't drink anymore, I try to have sex around the times my app thinks I'm ovulating, and I have yet to become pregnant. Although it seems like everyone around me is. My best friend who was even trying became pregnant. And with my first, I drank, smoke cigarettes couldn't survive with out coffee and not to mention I was on bc I only stopped taking it for a couple weeks and BOOM he was conceived no problem. A lot of people say I think about it to much. So my brain is sending messages to my body to make it so my egg doesn't get released. Wth!! You don't tell someone trying to get pregnant that!!! And I have anxiety. My mind scrambles, I don't even enjoy sex anymore. I try not to think about it but I can't help it. Fml