Shower thoughts.


I'm possibly over thinking this, or it may just be my lack of faith in humanity at this point in my life, but I have this fear that one day pedophilia will become "ok". We as a society currently have the tendency to side with something that we would normally find wrong personally, or feel indifferent to once a particularly specific situation pops up in the media, only for us to side with the behavior or event because it makes you feel bad about that specific situation and causes you to assume that situation is common place.

So what if one day society suddenly thinks pedophilia is ok? Or even rape? It's obviously possible for cultures to be cool with it. Look at the Romans, all I can think of is mass rape and infanticide if I even hear the word "Roman". Sure, they weren't as advanced as us, but they were still pretty advance for their time and Rome consisted of a huge (1 mill+) amount of people who were for the most part fine with it. *Really* fine with it. Who's to say that couldn't happen again? Sex slavery still exsists, child marrage still exsists.

Sometimes change is a good thing, a great thing! But as apparently finicky as the majority seems to be about things, I'm just scared one day this might be a more passable activity. God knows we don't do enough about rape incidents now.... what if? What if? What if?.... Am I over thinking this? I wish I could put this out of my head.

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