Upset with 22 week appointment.

Had my 22 week appointment yesterday. My doctor came in and said "so what are you here for today?". Quickly glanced over the babies. Didn't measure or check anything. Didn't check heart rates, cervix, or fluid. Has never laid a hand on my belly. Had never measured a fundal height.  Any lab work that's been done has been at my request. And then I have to remind him of what we've done. 
Tried to get a 3D. Fumbled around, says at one point "oh the probe is upside down", then says it's impossible to get 3D pictures at 22 weeks. Turns off the ultrasound machine is immediately heading out the door saying "call if you need anything". My husband had to tell him to stop to tell him what the high risk OB had suggested (cervical measurements every 2 weeks). He says "oh well we won't start those until 24 weeks". I said yeah...that's in 2 weeks. He didn't even know how far along I was. I also had some questions and concerns but he was out the door in a flash. I'm extremely upset.  Is it time to break up with my doc?