Ex boyfriend confusion. (Long post, sorry!)

About seven months ago, I had gotten out of a three year relationship with my ex, who had been the one who had decided on the decision to split. I'll admit that I do still have strong feelings for him, and wouldn't be against us getting back together, if that's what is planned for us next. 
We had went a couple of months with the no contact rule, until we decided later on to stay friends, because of the history between us, and how long we have known each other. 
As of lately, we have been talking more frequently and I'm questioning what he is currently feeling towards me, due to what he has been texting me. 
He has been constantly bringing up our past sex life and commenting on how great is was and making dirty jokes that are relevant to that, bringing up memories between us in the past, making comments on how good I look, and telling me that he wants to hug me the next time that he sees me, and even goes as far to ask me if I would really would run away, if he tried.
I'm just extremely confused, and could really use some opinions.