Anyone else dealing with this? I have it really bad, or at least I'm 99% positive that's what I have. I'm going for my weekly checkup tomorrow and I'm gonna have him look at it and see if I can get something to help the itching. It's AWFUL. It started on my stretch marks on my stomach and "love handles", and in less than a week has spread to my butt, my legs (stopping at the knee. For now...), my breasts, my lower back & my arms. I've been putting benadryl cream on it and that seems to help but obviously I'm not using it all over, just the worst areas. I've also tried olive oil, belly butter, and head & shoulders (when I'm in the shower). But no relief longer than an hour. Anyone know of anything that works really well? It's making me insane.. oh & I should add I'm 38 weeks so at least I shouldn't have to deal with it much longer!