Relationship struggles.

So a little about myself and our situation first. I'm 18, 14 weeks pregnant. I just recently graduated and will start university in October. I worked part time after school but had to quit that job due to me starting university in 6 weeks and having orientation courses before then. So I don't have a job anymore. My boyfriend is 21 and works full time. 
When we first found out I was pregnant we planned to move in together. Now..I don't really want that anymore. I feel like the baby and I will have a better future and better life if we stay with my mother for a little bit longer. She offered to babysit if I need to get work for university done and to drop the baby off at a daycare when I get a spot so that I wouldn't have to worry about that in the mornings before driving to university myself (that if I don't get a daycare spot in my university's daycare) 
Also, my boyfriend and I's relationship hasn't been what it used to be lately. One minute he's the absolute sweetest person (the way I know him) and rubs my belly/kisses it and treats me like a princess (does everything for me, gets me my cravings, gives me massages etc). Then another moment he's being a total a**hole. Sorry to say it like that. But he's been bugging me to get a job and I've explained multiple times that with me starting university I don't want to work until I would actually be sure that I can handle it next to my university work. I'm gonna do a double bachelor in Spanish language and anglophone studies. English isn't my first language but I've learned it in school for 10 years now. Spanish on the other hand will be completely new to me so I'll have to study a lot for that. And then the baby will be here in February. As soon as the baby is here I will definitely NOT work next to university for a while. I wanna see my baby grow up as much as I can. I will most likely switch to do my university courses part time meaning I will not finish after 3 years but after 5 to be able to see my baby grow up and reach new milestones. 
So currently I live with my mom and he has his own place. I have a car, he doesn't. He asks me to drive him grocery shopping every now and then which is okay with me but recently he started to ask me 3 times a week to drive him to whatever store and then at one point I said no. I pay for my gas alone. Which is hard not having a job anymore so I only have what I have saved up and the money my grandma gives me occasionally when I do housework for her or drive her somewhere. He never really gives me gas money but expects me to drive him around the whole town multiple times a week and when I say no he gets pissed and annoyed. 
Also, he works until the evening. Most of the times until 5 or 6. So now he asked me if I can be there at 4 today and clean his living room for him. What even? Why should I clean up his mess? I would have no problem doing it if I would have been there more this week and would have contributed to the way his living room looks right now but the way he just lets everything lay around makes me feel sick and gag. He constantly leaves his dirty plates with leftover food sit on the living room table for a week and it's so disgusting. He tries to tell me what to do and when I say no he gets so mad and I just want him to understand that I'm not doing everything for him just because we're in a relationship. He can still clean up his place alone or clean his plates alone (unless I had dinner or lunch with him then I'll be more than happy to help him clean up). 
I really don't know what to do with him anymore. I love him. I really do. And I want the baby to have its daddy in its life. But I don't wanna live with him yet. I don't know how to tell him though. Advice ?