Over Thinking

My breasts have been so sore, and I can't help how gassy I am even though I haven't eaten anything that would give me gas. I had diarrhea for a few days, and now nothing but constipation. 
I've been off my BC for over a month, and I'm hoping with everything in me that there's a little piece of me, and a little piece of my hubby growing in there. 
I woke this morning with severe cramps, similar to period cramps. However, the cramps go away after I (for lack of a better word) fart. 
Is there any chance I could be pregnant? Every time I think about the cramps I feel like I'm just over thinking things, that there's no baby. I'm 9DPO and I can't wait to take a test. My period comes the 16th. Maybe I should just wait?