Determined to conceive this month!!!

Audenaye • Lost our Bumble Bee🐝 at 4wks R.i.p. 👼🏽Although we are currently trying for Baby #2 (Rainbow Baby) 🌈
So I was very disappointed when a'f showed up and it was a day late. Gosh... I really got my hopes up thinking maybe I could be pregnant a'f didn't show. Then boom💥 heavy blood flow on the 9th at 11:00pm. Anyways my period last for about 5days and am supposed to get off hopefully by the end of tomorrow night. Yes me and my SO with be BD aka (Baby Dancing) for sure.👫👶 Oh yesss am determined to get my Rainbow baby this month am tired of crying and am ready to be a magnificent Mommy. I feel I deserve it I don't think am being selfish at all. After are miscarriag in late April, early May, all I every did was cry and I let a lot of my frustration out on my fiancé 😔😒 and I feel really bad on how I treated him. I felt like it was all my Fault but I did everything right. I ate healthy, got tons of sleep, work out a little bit and did things on time. I even took ovulation kits and searched on the web about good ways to conceive 🚼 But now am not taking any chances am ready. So am BD with fiancé like there is no tomorrow🎉🎊👫👶   So who's with me this month ladies?? We're not taking Negative❌ for an answer!!!! Just Positives➕👶👶👶