My BFP story and TTC advice

Anya • 🍁🌺🌸

Hi Ladies,

First of all, I wanted to share my good news with you and secondly, I wanted to share what *I think* has helped me to get a BFP.

Today I am 14 DPO and I got a BFP, yay! I am excited about it, but trying to take it easy and wait out for a couple of weeks to make sure my test line stays dark. This is actually my second cycle in a row to get a BFP. But last month I started bleeding 4 days after my positive – very heartbreaking experience, but I learned a lot about it and found out that chemical pregnancies are extremely common and not a reason to freak out. So, this time I am going to watch it closely and take tests every other day and pray that this bean sticks. With God’s will!

Now my story. We started TTC in January of this year, first I wasn’t even tracking my cycle, but after a couple of months of futile attempts I downloaded Glow and started trackingJ Couple more months forward – still nothing. I started freaking out a little bit, got OPKs and preseed. And in July… got my first BFP! After my early miscarriage I also got FertilAid for my husband (I had suspicions that his sperm was not super active). And now I got my second BFP! Now my little one just needs to get through the next 9 months safely… Fingers crossed!

So, to sum it up. I think use of OPKs is mandatory. Tracking your cycle with an app is good, but you can never know precisely when your ovulation occurs unless you take a test. Last month we BD’d only three times in my fertile window and it worked because I knew exactly when I ovulated.

Did Preseed help? Hard to say, but obviously it didn’t harm.

And I do recommend getting FertilAid for men – it won’t hurt and can speed the things up.

Thought I would share this with you, so that you can get your BFP faster!


One more thing… I recommend using usual non-digital pregnancy tests over digital ones. If the test line is very faint and not getting any darker for several days after your missed period you might be having a chemical pregnancy and then it won’t come as surprise to you (as it happened to me after my digital test showed “pregnant” and I started bleeding 4 days later). 

That’s all for now – please feel free to ask any questions, I will be glad to help! Lots of baby dust to you all!