S.o.s. Im not a maid

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My boyfriend and I are still pretty new as a couple (less than a year), and while most aspects of our being together is amazing, i absolutely can not stand that he refuses to help me with the dishes and laundry no matter how much complain or dont complain. I am not really sure what to do cause im tired of arguing with him bout this. He literally refuses to help. Just cause i have a vagina does not mean i have too clean, do laundry and cook BY MYSELF. He doesn't even take out the garbage like a 'man' should, im talking to a brick wall with him. What do i do? I can't do it all and work my ass off at my job every day to come home and have a distroyed house because the man cant pick up after himself.. Its hard enough dealing with the constant anxieties at work then to come home and see a mess every day no matter if i pick it up or not is sriving me nuts.