Big versus small

I'm recently single (split up with my fiancé 3 months back) and have been seeing someone who lives away, he's amazing and we talk every day however we are both very open and honest and realistic about the fact that we are probably going to see other people as well since we actually don't get to meet up very often. 
Anyway, to put it bluntly he is absolutely massive and to the point where it's almost a novelty! And of course it feels so good, usually takes my breath away for the first few seconds!!
So... There has been another guy in the interim who was just a friend at first, until on Saturday we were having at laugh at mine and then he lifted my chin with his finger and kissed me in an insanely passionate way! Within 5 minutes we were in bed... This guy is not so well endowed but still, knows exactly what to do with it and don't even get me started on how good his hands are!
So... I found myself having multiple orgasms which is really rare for me. I'm just wondering if anyone else has any experience of enjoying a smaller one more? It's like... It finds the right spot easier or something!!? I'm laying here thinking... This can't be right! Lol