First IVF

I wanted to share our story after receiving so much information and encouragement for this app over the past 20 months!! We tried for over a year to conceive after have a VR. We decided to move on to <a href="">IVF</a> and began our first cycle in Aug. The stims went well. My follicle count was 16 left ovary and 15 right. 31 eggs were retrieved, 22 mature. Day 1 report 17 eggs fertilized!!! Day 5 received a call that only 4 eggs made it to blastocyst and would be sent off for PGS testing. The genetic test resulted 2 week last and only 1 embryo was genetically normal. I was devastated!! My husband reminded me we only wanted one child and this is what God is giving us. Think positive and stay prayerful.

We had our embryo transfer 10/23. Everything we well. As the days went by no real symptoms just mild cramping and an occasional pulling sensation in my left groin. I did have spotting 4dpt which I thought maybe implantation bleeding. We decided not to test early and had our first BETA Friday. The nurse who I’ve developed a great relationship with told me she would call at 1:00. We waited by the phone by 1:30 I was convinced it was bad news since she hadn’t call yet. The phone rang at 1:40 to announce We are PREGNANT!!! The HCG levels were 347.5!!

Our next Beta is on 11/6. Staying prayerful these numbers are double by then.