We're TTC but I've just gotten my period today.


I have been crying since 6.00am.

I woke up this morning hoping to take a pregnancy test as I was late and crossing my fingers that I would be pregnant, but God had a different plan for me.

After seeing that menstruation blood, I took a deep breath and continued my morning routine. I showered and got ready for work. Before I left the house, I kissed my husband goodbye and told him I had gotten my period. I broke down and finally cried in front of him. He wrapped his arms around me and said "It's okay. We can try again."

We have been trying to have a baby for 2 years now. But it feels so much longer than that. I have friends who are having babies every 2 second. Some just decides to have a baby and actually gets one right away. Some just never plan to have one but are blessed with beautiful children.

I know God has a plan for me. But this journey to conceive has been so...emotionally and physically tiring. Ive nothing else to say but, how much longer do I need to wait?