Husband joking about pregnancy

Bridget • Battlebuddies11_16

I have 2 boys 7 and 2 and suffice it to say I wasn’t “done” but as bad as my pregnancy and birth experiences were I came to the conclusion I might just not be built for the whole pregnancy thing. I was diagnosed after my first with Sjögren’s Syndrome and the SSA & SSB antibodies associated with that mean every pregnancy would be high risk. So my second we had all kinds of test and appointments etc. That was all fine it was the high blood pressure, titanic contractions and pre-term labor that made the pregnancy difficult. I was so happy that I had the chance to labor on my own (the day before I was to be induced at 39 weeks) and he came an hour after we arrived at the hospital. But about an hour or so after I felt a gush......then my rom filled with people and everything started going black.....I was hemorrhaging. We decided no more. And he had a vasectomy. Now I’m expecting AF any day but my husband always seems to know when I’m about to start and he asked me a week ago and when I told him no he joked you must be pregnant. All my friends having babies around me (GIRLS AT THAT) I didn’t want to be done and it upsets me when he jokes like that. I know it’s a long post but I needed to get that out!