Naming my son June Sawyer


We are having our first baby in March and just found out it is a boy! We always called our future child Juniper and considered it for this fella, but we are leaning towards calling him June. Probably June and his middle name Sawyer. This name is so incredibly meaningful to us so nothing even comes close to us in comparison. As you can imagine, I have had some people of the older generation say he will be bullied his whole life. Why is it acceptable to name a girl Kyle, Alex, Max, etc. but boys with names that have been used on girls is a big no no? I love the idea of challenging gender stereotypes. I think June sounds badass for a boy and a man ( I have actually met two male Junes in my life and they are awesome). What are your thoughts? I'd especially like to hear if you like it since i've heard a lot from folks that say it's a girls-only name. Thanks so much!

Also, if you do like this name, do you have any suggestions on how to stay strong and not let people’s opinion put a damper on it? It feels exhausting having to explain/ defend his name all the time..