Transfer 2 embryos

A little history on me, I have had two children naturally and am having a ton of issues while trying to conceive third baby maybe due to the fact that I have had cancer before and depo shots for a year. So we are turning to <a href="">ivf</a> and I am so scared of needles and giving myself shots. (Weird for a used to be cancer patient I know). I am afraid that we will only be able to afford it for one cycle as well. :(

I do not want to transfer 2 for twins as I have seen that some people try to request that. I am a twin so my mother has told me the scariness of carrying us. and I do understand the risks of it being possible if we asked to transfer two. I just want to increase our chance of getting pregnant since we will only be able to afford it once. Surely there is someone who understands what I’m trying to say! I’m not good at wording things!

Is there anyone who had two transferred that was under the age of 35 and on 1 cycle.