Coconut oil testimony!


Y’all... coconut oil has saved my (vagina’s) life!! 8 months ago I fell in love with my current SO. I never used lube before him, but because he is so large we have to. Every lube we’ve used (everything from expensive, high end lube to drug store brand) threw off my pH soooo bad. I felt awful and embarrassed and was so close to giving up and just accepting that I will always be “funky” after intercourse. I finally researched organic remedies and found an incredible and unbelievable amount of praise for coconut oil and the benefits it has for our vaginal health. I was extremely skeptical, but decided to give it a go as a last ditch effort. I researched different ways to use and apply it and finally settled on soaking a 100% organic cotton tampon (found for 6.99 at Target) in coconut oil with 5-6 drops of grapefruit seed extract. After doing this for 3 days along with applying coconut oil externally in the shower, I AM A NEW WOMAN!! YALL, I am NOT joking. I am amazed. I never believed the hype about coconut oil for any use until now. If you’re having issues or just feel really sore after intercourse, try it out! Of course, always consult with your gyno first, but I HIGHLY recommend it. I am SO relieved to finally have my normal sex life back and not be embarrassed to let my man go down on me.