Meet the boy!! 😊😊❀️❀️❀️

Michelle β€’ Active Duty Marine and future mom due August 6!
I started contractions around 1800 that were 7-8 min apart. They progressed into 3-5 min apart and painful. Around 0215, we went to the hospital, and at 0345, I was sent to walk around the premises (my contractions were already terrible), because I was only a 4 and 50%.
I walked/sat and cringed for an hour, and my water broke, so I was admitted. At that point I was a 5 and 75%... And the contractions were TERRIBLE. I was pretty zombie-ish and I couldn't focus. I gave into the epidural. I had to. I had 0 pain afterward, and I was normal again. The epidural cured everything. This was around 0645.
I progressed smoothly, and I was an 8 and 90 around 0930. Still no pain. I felt great!
I finally hit complete with +1 station by 1145! They decided to let my uterus do some of the work and by 1215, I was at +3 station and felt a lot of rectal pressure.
My epidural wore off, and I pushed for over two hours. It was not fun, but worth it for my little boy!
World, meet Adam Zachary! 7lbs 8oz, 21.25 inches long! He looks like his daddy. :) labor was about 12 hours long. I had two small abrasions and one tiny first degree tear they fixed with a figure 8 stitch. Not much bleeding. He's my everything.