Angel baby


A life taken too quickly,

Nothing else could be done

“Oh it’s early” they say, “atleast” yeah, atleast you weren’t the one

To tell a mother that her dead baby isn’t worth the mourn,

Is like telling another woman that the worst hell is not her scorn

I loved you more than even I knew, I started bleeding, got in the car, looked at your daddy, who at the time didn’t have a clue..

He smiled at me, kissed my lips, and said to me,” I love you” so I smiled back, pain behind my smile, and said “I love you, too.”

I worried about your tiny life, that I just knew that I was losing.

But couldn’t say a word just yet, me and your dad just cruising.

I felt the light you put inside me, burn out with such a flash.

My brain and mind playing tricks on me, this pregnancy I knew wouldn’t last...

The look on your daddy’s face, when I told him about you.. was all I thought about.. mind race.. how could I tell him that I lost you?

Your sister Nahla loved you so and here we were all worried.

She would’ve been the best big sister, but for that responsibility, there’s no hurry.

We knew now you couldn’t stay to meet us, atleast this time around.

I do know the pain of losing you,

Was too a new love found.

Love momma,

Angel baby 💕