The ****** annoying husband’s aunt

1. First his aunt SNEAKILY sticks her hand under the table to rub my belly (I’m pregnant). She did this the same day we announced to the family

2. Then she tells me, don’t let them rake sonograms. It’s bad for the baby.

Like WTF lady, billions of women have sonograms and how come nothing is wrong with their babies! There is no proof they are bad. I know women who have had 20 sonograms throughout pregnancy and their babies are perfectly fine.

3. Then today she asks when do we find out the gender. I told her at my 20 week scan.

She then goes on to say, oh it’s better at 16 weeks.

Lady, wtf. I know you want to know but give me a break. I KNOW you can find out early. It all depends when my appointments are set. And I’m only 12 weeks today. She needs to calm her ass down.

It may be my raging hormones but ever since this women insulted my father (for no good reason, she didn’t see him in 2 years) and out of the blues she insults him in a group family chat. I’ve been on guard with her.

During my wedding SHE WAS UPSET that she didn’t walk down the entrance with my husbands dad. She was UPSET that my father in law walked down with his ex wife, like adults. Like who the fuk does she think she is. You not golden bitch. 🤷🏼‍♀️