Am I wrong ?!

This really has nothing to do with pregnancy. Anyways so I made some potatoe salad today and literally only had one serving out of it. I put the rest in a ziploc bowl with the lid to keep it fresh. My bf has an uncle that rents a room in our apartment. He comes out of work smelling like a** straight to the refrigerator and grabs my potatoe salad opens it taste it with out asking to have some or not then he moves it out of the ziploc bowl into a plastic drinking container the ones you can get from the Chinese store which they use for ice tea anyways and puts it in there !!! I flip like a nut job due to the fact he didn't ask myself or bf if we can move it and then sneaks and sticks a spoon in it to taste it. How nasty!! After I flip out on him he moves it back into the ziploc bowl.. And now I'm to the point I don't want it. After he messed with it back and forth. Why couldn't he use a cereal bowl if he wanted cereal! Cause he's greedy and wanted more space for more cereal and dosent pay for any food in this house ! Always free loading and he's 45 years old. I'm heated. Like dude ask!