Rant timeee. 😊

So my whore of a neighbor that could be my daughters grandma. (50's) has lived next to us for the last year. We've been here 2 years. It's a duplex by the way. She's a drunk. Multiple dui's. No job. (Living off an inheritance) just down right pathetic. Anyway.. so since she has moved in she's been hitting on my husband he's 26. Inviting him over when the power is out.. when I'm not home of course. Stating they can drink some wine and she has plenty of candles lit. Basically a romantic setting. Jokes on her my husband isn't romantic. 😂😂 she waits outside at 6 am for my husband to leave for work so she can talk to him about the news and shit.. knowing I'm sleeping. Or if he's doing yard work she'll run outside as soon as she sees him but disappears when I go out there. And she's not discreet about it.. she talks loud. Even my neighbors have said something to me. Lol well last night my husband and daughter were going to the grocery store and she was wasted and ran to his car talking about he should add her on facebook. BITCH YOU COULD BE HIS MOTHER. luckily my husband isn't the cougar chasing type and tells me everything and usually if he's not working were together. But cmon.. facebook? Like really. I'm at my wits end.. I've contemplated busting thru our bedroom wall and just going awol. Ahhhhhh. God I feel so much better. Lol