So I'm in a pickle.

My twins were born early at 25 weeks. They've been in the NICU for twelve weeks now and I've been pumping exclusively, every three hours for twenty minutes.(sometimes four at night) well yesterday, one of my twins got transferred three hours away for surgery. The insurance won't pay for him to be transferred back or pay for brother to come up. So now I have to stop breastfeeding one because I'm three hours away staying at Ronald McDonald house without a vehicle or gas money. I've decided to stop breast feeding. My stress is on a level so high I can't even describe it. And waking up every three hours doesn't help. At all. My question is how do I stop? Do I wean myself? Do I ask the NICU doctor to give me something? What's the best way to go about this? (I have tons of milk stored away for him after his surgery he's having laser eye surgery)