I need to vent this!!😩


Ok my girls! I need to say this to someone and I know for sure anyone will respond now, coz all my girls are busy. I started to talks with my ex ( well we were just dating for few months) and we broke up in good terms. Anyway, he lives in another city. He just came to visit me , but he is behaving like a kid. He want me to bring all my stuff to his hotel and spend time with him. I told him I still gonna stay with him, but I want to go somewhere to talk and drink. Not just spend the whole time on the room. Specially, we didn’t see each other for about 5 years and I know he has to tell me many things. Also I’m on call bartender, I can’t bring my uniform and all my work stuff there. Plus I’m living freakin 10 min away from the hotel and easy I can come to my house and get ready!!!! Now, he is feeling bad and he thought I will stay the whole time with him and now he is going back!!! Can you believe???? I think I’m not ready for a relationship now!!! Too much drama!