Funny Story 😂


Something embarrassing but funny just happened to me and we’re not telling anyone that we’re ttc so thought I’d post here to tell someone about this hahaha.

So first a little info about me:

This is our first time ttc baby #1 (on our second cycle and I’m 6 ish days dpo).

So I’m at the dollar store getting a few things and figured I’d pick up a couple cheap pregnancy tests just to have (my second time buying tests).

Usually I only buy tests somewhere with self checkout because I feel awkward about it for some reason 😂 but today I didn’t care so I got them.

I get up to the register and the younger guy ringing my stuff up gets to the tests and proceeds to say:

Him: nervous or excited?

Me: uhhh.. (not sure if he really just asked me that) oh! The pregnancy tests! Yes, we’re trying. We’ve been married a year now soo...

Him: oh okay, yeah...

Me: *getting red in the face thinking hurry the f up* 😂

Him as he hands me receipt: Well, best of luck to ya!

Me: hah thanks....


From now on I’ll never buy a test unless it’s self checkout 😂🤨🙄