My husband has court tomorrow over custody of his 4yr old son. Even though I'm not the praying type I'm praying he wins. I'm praying we get custody of this amazing little boy. He doesn't deserve what's happening in his life. I'm so nervous though. Everyone says courts favor the mothers and treat fathers like second class citizens. The first court hearing they had a month ago she admitted that she was "unfit and unable" to take care of him. But her second cousin wants full custody of his son. It's be crazy to give the second cousin custody of the father right? When there is no reason we SHOULDN'T have custody and allot of reasons why. We don't know much about the second cousin but we have a 3 bed 2 bath house. I'm in the military so very steady job. He is a disabled veteran so he gets disability every month so we both have steady paychecks. We have a nice house. Reliable car. We would go above and beyond for his amazing son. (Neither have criminal backgrounds either) Do you think we have a good chance at getting custody?