HELP Pissed off at bf with no phone

Hey ladies so me and my bf are in a LDR. We make it work really good but everytime he goes to "party hard" we literally do not talk AT ALL in 1 entire day.

I had this happen last month for 1 day and now today too.

His phone is shit so he almost always runs out of battery and he is too cheap to purchase data ever, so his excuse is always either having no battery or no wifi.

I know it is only one day of not talking but I personally can't take it. Last time I got very angry at the whole situation and I let him know that him not even updating me through the day pissed me off and now today I don't know if I should be mad at him (which I am).

I don't mind him partying, I mind him not having a phone or literally talking to me for an ENTIRE day. He chose to be in a LDR so some things are different than a bf going fishing for 3 days.

Today he started partying at 9 am and its currently 00:30 where he lives and still haven't heard from him, so its been literally the whole day.