Maybe acid reflux?

My baby is going to be a month old this Tuesday lately I started to notice things more. She has started to spit up cottage cheese like spit not a lot but usually right after feedings and she has projectile vomited twice in one day and now after feedings she gets fussy like today I fed her and tried to burp her which then she spit up and then fussed for 30 minutes while arching her back and then spit up again so I gave her gripe water which helped 🤷

She also has been very very gassy since day 1

She has also gagged twice today not during a feeding. Also randomly started coughing a couple times a day since last week.

Also sometimes after sleeping and she hungry she will gag and like fight the bottle while also really wanting to eat like she cries and gags but still wants to eat it's really weird 🤷 she doesn't go to the doctor till next Monday