I need boy help


okay sooooo,,, i’ve been dating this kid we will call Jd for 7 months now. he’s really sweet and treats me nicely but lately he’s just not the same,,, i’m not the same? idk. he doesn’t really talk to me on the phone anymore and never calls me pretty (not that i mind that much but it’s nice to hear from someone you like). Jd gets mad easily and it’s pretty annoying. Today he was with friends and so was I, so I didn’t snap him till about 6 and he was mad. But if i did snap him today, he would’ve taken hours to answer or we would just be send omg selfies back and forth (which is a major pet peeve for me). I would totally text him but his phone is jacked so he’s using my old android, he can’t get texts rn. anyway,,, Idk what to do because i’m just kinda annoyed and bored at this point and lowkey wanna break up with him, but this boys got me f’ed up and ik if i broke up with him, i would be a mess for awhile. i just need some help with what i could do to change things up/ if i should just break up with him.