Uncomfortable x10000!!!


Excuse my rant, but the SO just can’t relate to what I’m going through and I just feel like I needed to post somewhere where someone else might be experiencing something similar!!

I’m Going to be 28 weeks tomorrow and can I say that being uncomfortable is an understatement???

Pregnancy insomnia has caught up to me and I find myself waking up every 2-3 hours. I can’t get comfortable no matter how many pillows I have.

I’ve always had a higher amount of discharge but during pregnancy, it’s doubled if not tripled! I pretty much have to wear liners 24/7 otherwise I soak through!! Not only is that inconvenient, it’s also given me friction blisters/burns !! Has anyone else experienced this?

I’ve always heard people say how magnificent and wonderful pregnancy is, so believe me I’ve been nothing but surprised that it is absolutely NOT. Don’t get me wrong, when I feel my baby boy move I fall in love more and more, but other than that, I have HATED every second of being pregnant.

My countdown to February 4th is on and man I can’t wait to hold my little guy! 12 weeks to go!