What the hell am I

Ok so I am 15 years old and just recently (about a month ago) came to terms with the fact I was bisexual (I had been questioning for about a year before that) now I am closeted to everyone including my family except for my 2 best friends, one of them who apparently has been closeted as well came out to me after I came out to her and now we have developed romantic feelings for eachother and are dating, she is not only the first women I have dated but the first person I have dated at all

So this is where my question comes in, as I just said about a month ago I realized I was bi but now I am questioning it

MORE BACKSTORY (I know I am sorry)

So I didn’t even realize I was attracted to females until someone I know made a joke about it and it got me thinking that I actually DID have feelings for them but I had always been told about boyfriends and finding a husband and stuff so I had never even thought about it

Now that I have privately been exploring my sextuality and now that I am dating a women I realize how attracted I am to them but I still find boys cute and stuff

And kissing a girl is just as appealing as kissing a guy but imagining having sex with a guy actually turns me off but with a girl it turns me on

So like.... I don’t know if I am bi anymore and I don’t exactly know where to place myself

And I know a lot of people will say that I don’t have to pick a label but I feel like it will be easier for me to come out one day when I am older and ready if I have an official title on it

So sorry for the long post and thanks for the help