Feeding/Digestion rollercoaster


I’ve had a hell of a time trying to figure out what my daughters system can handle. She will be 11 weeks on Wednesday. We originally tried breastfeeding but my supply was too low to keep up with her (add in a hurricane evacuation and then a 4 day stay at the hospital for salmonella....and my husband is Army and away often so it’s usually just me taking care of her) She was showing signs of milk protein allergy so instead of the powder similac pro total comfort we switched to the ready to feed similac Alimentum. Her green poops went back to normal color since we switched HOWEVER I still think she has reflux. I’ve already talked to the pediatrician about it and it was suggested to elevate her mattress by 30% at night to help. We have done that but feeding her is still miserable for both of us. She is getting about 4oz 7x a day with one 5oz bottle at night before bed. We use dr. Browns bottles, practice paced feedings with stage 1 nipples and burp every 1-2 oz. She gets Gerber soothe probiotics in a bottle everyday as well as gas drops as needed. She sits up when she feeds as well as 30-40 mins after the bottle. That being said she still screams every time I try to burp her and when the bottle is gone she cries and goes after her fists like she’s starving. At one point I thought she was still hungry or getting too much air from sucking so hard on the level 1 nipples so we tried switching to level 2 nipples and I gave her 6oz every other feeding. That resulted in lots of spit ups and a few projectile vomits so it was obvious she was drinking too much. We went back to level 1 nipples and regular 4oz bottles and the spit ups have improved but she still cries and screams when I burp her and most days she seems inconsolable. Im wondering about her formula and will be asking the doctor about switching to something else like enfamil AR when we go to her next visit on the 19th. But I wondered if anyone else out there has had such a hard time with their baby finding a formula that worked for them? This is my first and I just never imagined it would be so difficult. I feel defeated and sad that I’m missing out on her newborn stage bc she’s just not happy.