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Okay long story.

Start here,

ovulation time 25-31

Faint positive, 4th of November

Faint positive, 5th of November

Faint positive, 7th of November

Clear blue test, clear positive. 9th of November.

We are now the 11th of November and I am bleeding. 3 days early. Is this implantation? I’m really unsure. I’m scared because I got really excited. Four moths after our mmc.. this was a blessing for me in many ways! I hope I didn’t get a false positive on the Clear Blue test. Keep in mind photo was taken with in time frame.

I’m really at a loss for words. I’m confused. Why am I bleeding light and then medium flow... why the positive? I’m pissed how happy I got and now Im a mess and hiding it it the worst because no one knew but my mother. And I can’t talk about it because I’m sad I believed it. I just don’t know period.