Did you have a hard time delivering your baby

When I had my son my water broke at 39/40 weeks. I had him 3 days before my due date . I wanted to try having my son naturally. But after laboring for 14 hours and only being at a 4 I was really to burn the hospital down. I was pretty sure I was dying lol. 23 hours of labor.... I had a 104.5 fever ! I was freezing, trembling & so tired . They started putting ice on me . The dr checked me I was at a 9 cm. The dr said they baby facing up We have to turn him. Or you have to go in for a c-section. My fever drops to 101.9 . Ok you have to push . Well give you a chances to push but you have now or your going back for a c-section. They turned him , I pushed him 6 times he was born . 8.6 lb 21 inches ! He I had a bad second degree tare . I had to have med for the infection I got . I started bleeding and my blood pressure dropped. I almost had to get a blood transfusion. My blood pressure kept dropping all night. I never got to feel my son for the 1st Time . I almost passed out a few times. The dr had to come back threw the middle of the night to check on me and see why I was bleeding so much. I was in so much pain they was giving me pain meds threw the IV . But I thought contracts was bad when he checked me to see why I was bleeding was the worse feeling I have ever had in life. Needless to say I had a rough experience and I’m scared to have another baby ! For all moms who has had more than one . Is it easier the second time? My mom swears it is . I’m scared useless to have another. I would like a surrogate for my next one .

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