I think my husband doesn’t love me ... anymore 💔

Jennifer • Mommy of a two year old 💙 and engaged 💘

All this week we’ve been fighting and it started off on Tuesday morning, the night before he asked if I would suck his dick and I said no I didn’t feel like it because of my belly being so big now that I’m 33 weeks. Next morning he wakes up in a bad mood yelling and cussing at me and I didn’t know what I had done. So of course I start yelling at him and later on that day I realize he took off his wedding ring and left it by our TV which I got very upset about so I message him and asked why we’ll he never responds. He gets home and really doesn’t say much, he asks what’d you do today so I respond well I finished unpacking and cleaned up the living room, he says doesn’t look like it. My whole mood changed and then he decides he’s gonna sleep on the couch because he doesn’t wanna deal with my attitude. And then he starts saying how I don’t do anything for him and that I’m lazy and that I need to get a job but I tried doing that when I was 5 months pregnant and no one would hire me so he knows I’m waiting to have the baby but he still throws it in my face. The next day he comes home same thing we don’t really talk. Friday I can’t take it anymore he’s acting different towards me and I need to know if he still loves me because I can’t cry myself to sleep anymore knowing that doesn’t wanna touch me kiss me or even lay by me. So I start having thoughts that what if he’s cheating because he’s been hiding his phone all the time. And we’ve had history in our relationship and he would always say he had a feeling that I would be cheating and I wasn’t and he would say it for days. Well now I wanna go thru his phone and see if I find anything because our relationship is just not the same and like I explained to him that I need him right now. He said he would do better but hasn’t done much in the one that has been trying to lay on him and have him sit with me. But yesterday when he said “I love you, you don’t even say you love me anymore” I replied well everything that you’ve been saying and he responded “well every relationship is gonna have hard times” but he’s not even the same husband I remember and it’s killing me. I honestly feel so depressed and cry every day. I just need some advice please.