Does anyone else feel a lack of support or interest from their partner?

Hi ladies,

I feel the need to share my extreme emotions right now. Maybe some of you can relate or offer advice.

My husband is a very calm and non-emotional person, and I know that about him. He is wonderful in so many ways but he doesn’t communicate emotions and I often don’t get the love and support that I feel like I need day to day, and especially if there is a bigger issue I am working through. I know he’s excited to be a dad, and he was the one that first suggested it was time we try for kids. He’s got great family values and all of that. But honestly aside from a weekend class we took, I feel like I have been doing all of the research and prep work on my own for pretty much the whole nine months. I’m 38 weeks pregnant now so the baby can come at at moment. It bothers me that no matter what daddy books, apps or articles I’ve given him to try and get him to prepare or even just be my partner in this, he doesn’t. He comes home from work and looks at sports scores. When I would come home from work after being exhausted and dealing with pregnancy, I would still look up articles or read the latest on a <a href="">pregnancy app</a>. He also has zero interest in feeling the baby move, singing or talking to him, etc and says he’ll feel connected once the baby is here, just like he is with our dog. He’s a great doggie daddy for sure, but that doesn’t help me (and our relationship) now.

I’ve needed support for this pregnancy, and I will need support for what will be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life: labour and delivery. It makes me really sad that he knows how intense and scary it is going to be for me and he has done zero to prepare. I’ve read about these loving partners that do it all: they are super involved throughout the pregnancy (too late for that now), and/or they prepare to be great birth partners by researching what to say/not say, the best labor positions, how to give massages, you name it.

I know I’m all over the place as I write this right now, and aknowledge my hormones have taken over, but these are real concerns that are just making me so upset. He has very little understanding of all that I’ve been through these last 9 months because what’s the point of really emotionally sharing with someone who is not always emotionally there for you.

Anyways, that’s how I’m feeling. 😕