Got a fresh pad.

Yeah like, period pad 😜

Hahaha ahhh... just sitting here. Fresh out of my salt bath, fresh gigantic night time pad on my period undies under my comfy pyjamas. Just popped a night time midol and having some tea and chocolate before bed. Scrolling through my profile, reminiscing on how excited I was 2 days ago when AF was 2 days late 😂😂 ahhh. Lol gotttta find humour in this stuff.

Legit was 99% sure I was pregnant not even 48 hours ago. And now here I am, grateful for a clean fluffy pad and the comfort of my couch.

HERES TO HOPING THIS CYCLE IS MORE SUCCESSFUL 😂☺️👏🏻 I don’t want to buy another box of pads for 9 months!!! And I hope none of you ladies have to either!!