Its not possible, but i think i might be pregnant.


UPDATE: i did a test and it was negative. I knew it would be, but a part of me was still worried.

So im on the pill and i take it at 6pm every night. Except the past few weeks i take it at different times between 6 and 7pm. About 2 weeks ago, my bf came all over me, i wiped it off as much as i could of course. But i didnt shower straight after. Im on the pill so i shouldnt be pregnant, but i just have this feeling that i might be. Im thinking about testing, but im also thinking im just being stupid and paranoid. Also when it comes to my health and tests, my intuition has always been right. Like twice i told my told i have a feeling i have stomach ulcers and forced him to send me for testing!. Tests came back positive!, then when i injuried my knee, hospital x-ray said bad sprain (oh god how i wish it was!), i told my doctor, he said i have a feeling dont i and i said yes. Test results came back with i ruptured my ACL proximally. Sooo this is the only reason im on the fence about it.